Trouble pasting into PowerPoint


I have a 12 page schedule.  When I use Copy all pages to PowerPoint, only 5 pages are copied.  Then I get an error message: Trouble pasting this schedule into PowerPoint.


PowerPoint has a limit on how complex an imported or pasted graphic can be.  

There are a few things to try.  Try these one at a time to determine which is causing the problem.

1        Eliminate the symbol highlights (3-D effects):  Format | Frame/Highlights | Shadows and Highlights | Remove all highlights

2        Eliminate gradient fills.  If used for task rows, go to Format | Gridlines.  Right click the title or column, choose properties and set the special effects to None.

3        If using bitmap symbols, be sure the bitmap symbols are as small as they can be.  If you have a large bitmap that is being used for a symbol, it can often be made smaller with no loss of presentation quality.


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