Best way to set up a schedule for easy updating


What is the best way to approach creating a schedule in Milestones Professional so I can make global changes to symbols and horizontal bars currently on the schedule?


First set up the toolbox with all the symbols and symbol- horizontal bar-symbol combinations you want to use on the schedule.

Watch these quick movies which focus on setting up symbols and  horizontal bars in the toolbox.

Movie: Setup toolbox symbols:


Movie: Set up toolbox bars



Once symbols and bars have been placed on the schedule, changing the look or the color of all the same type symbol or horizontal bar  on the schedule is easy.

In the toolbox double click the symbol or horizontal  bar to be changed.

Make the desired changes to the color/shape and other properties.



Once the change is made in the toolbox, all instances of the symbol or bar on the schedule will be updated with the changes.





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