Control the percent complete fill on a summary bar


I need some help with Milestone Professional. The summary bar "fill to status date" roll-up does not represent the indented "fill to status date" tasks below the summary. Am I missing something or doing it incorrectly or what?



Even if all of your project steps are on schedule (as shown by the connector fill up to the current date line), the summary bar may show the total project to be ahead or behind the current date (as shown by the connector fill before or beyond the current date line). This is because the summary bar status is based on the percent complete of the total time span.

Because of this (even though it is technically accurate), you may not want your summary bars to display percent complete.  To turn this setting off for summary bars so that they are filled completely:

  1. Choose Summary Bar Settings on the Layout tab.

  2. Summary Bars Ignore Fill to Status Setting.










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