Logarithmic date headings


My schedule dates are mostly concentrated in the current year but I want to show past years also, as they do have a few key dates.  Is there a way to "scrunch up" the past years so they don't take up as much space on the timeline?

I want to try out those new time headings which have part of the date range magnified.  I think this will be great for my schedule.  What's the first step?



On a schedule which covers many years, it might be beneficial to expand certain years so that more detail can be seen for those years.  

This can be accomplished by using the logarithmic view.


  1. Under  View | Viewing options | Chart Type choose Gantt - Logarithmic: Setup.

  2. To expand a year, click the button for that year.  In this example, the 2016 and 2017 years are expanded.  To expand certain months, instead of clicking the button for the year, check just the months to expand.

  3. For Expansion Factor, choose 2 times, 3 times or 4 times to indicate the relative factor to use for expansion of the selected months/years.  Click OK to complete the setup.  Once set up, toggle back to Gantt View by choosing View | Viewing options | Chart Type choose Gantt - Normal.  












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