Date heading increments don't fit


I have a schedule that is six months long. I added Daily as a date heading type, yet the days appear squashed together. What can I do to make them more presentable?



If your schedule's date range is six months in length (as set on the Dates tab), and you choose a date heading type of Daily, such as this:

...then your days may appear crammed together, such as this:

There are several possible solutions, all of which share the goal of creating enough horizontal space for the days to appear. You may have to use a combination of these suggested solutions.  

On a standard 11 x 8.5 size schedule


Solution 1: Widen the schedule
  1. On the Layout tab, in the Chart Size section, increase the value for Horiz.

  2. You may have to change the zoom on the Toolbar to see the schedule better.


Solution 2: Decrease the font size of the Daily heading
  1. With , click once on the Daily heading on your schedule.

  2. Choose another font style and size from the Toolbar.



Solution 3: Reduce the date range
  1. On the Dates tab, set an earlier Displayed End Date, thus decreasing the six-month time span.

  2. Use Shift+PgDn or Shift+PgUp to move through your schedule's dates.  (Use Dates | Start and End Dates | More settings and change the Calendar Range Scrolling value)


At this point your date headings may be more legible, as shown here:


Now that you've made these adjustments, you can print date ranges that are not visible. For instance, if your date range is from 1/1/20211 to 2/28/20211, you can print the date range 1/1/2021 to 6/30/2021, or whatever range you choose. These settings are found under File | Printing Options | Print by Date Range.


Also consider using the date range override feature to customize the date range of each page. For instance, have each page cover one or two months.












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