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My date heading shows some months with the full name and others with an abbreviation.  Is there a way to make it consistent?



This might happen with "logarithmic" date headings.  If you aren't using logarithmic headings, choose View | Viewing Options | Chart Type | Gantt - Normal View.  If you plan to use logarithmic headings but would like all the date headings to be the same, choose View | Viewing Options | Chart Type | Logarithmic Setup.  On that screen (Un-check) Use more characters for month names in expanded months.



I can’t figure out why the months on my schedule are different on each page.  They should be the same.  I would like the month spelled out. 

The entire schedule is 10/1 through 1/31 

Page 1 has date range override for September through December - and it spells out the month name:

Page 2 has a date range override for 10/1 through 1/4  -- but it only shows J, F, M, A, M:



Make sure that your date range goes from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.  Milestones will always abbreviate the headings for the smallest space (in this case June.)

On the page 2 (2016) date heading it looks like you have the end date at the beginning of June.  If only May is needed, change the end date for the date range for the page to May 31, 2016.  If you also need June, change the end date to June 30, 2016.










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