Add a tag to a symbol


added a symbol to my schedule and want to link it to Microsoft Project.  What's the easiest way?



The Link to active MS Project task is the easiest way:

In Microsoft Project, click to select the task to be linked.

In Milestones, right click the symbol and choose Link to Active MS Project task


  1. In the dialog box, choose the Date field (like Finish) and the ID field to use for a tag (like UniqueID).
  2. To tag the symbol only, click Tag.  To update the symbol immediately using the date from Project click Tag and Update.
  3. If the Microsoft Project schedule is not currently open but you still want to tag the symbol, do this:
  4. Click to select the symbol.
  5. Click the small Symbol Links tab
  6. Click Create/edit tag for refresh and make selections.  









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